These are the official show classifications for ALBS-affiliated shows. For large national-level shows the Rare and Eye-ring species are shown in a separate division from the Peachfaced but for most smaller, local shows all the sections are considered to be within a single Love Bird division. The ALBS classifications are available for download for use at your next ALBS-affiliated show.

Click below to download classifications and secretary book

These classifications provide a way for the judges and staff to organize the love birds that are entered in a show. The judge compares all the birds that are entered according to their color class. The best birds in each class then compete by for section honors, then finally the best birds from each section compete in their division.

For example, a green Peachfaced would first be compared to any other green Peachfaced in the show. If the bird does well in its specific color class, it would then go on to compete against the other "Best in Class" birds within its section. If the bird does well in its section, it will then go on to compete against the best birds from the other sections for the honor of a place on the "Top Bench," with the very best bird overall being named "Best Love Bird in Division."