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1. Beak should be neat and well tucked in; head full and round; eyes centered, clear and bright.
2. Neck should be full and wide.
3. Shoulders should have no appearance of the neckline.
4. Breast should be deep, broad, and well rounded, tapering gradually to the tail.
5. Back line should not be slack or hollow; almost straight.
6. Wings should be held neatly in line with the body; flights must not droop or cross.
7. Tail should be held neatly in line with body.
8. Legs and feet should be straight and strong, firmly gripping the perch.

Scale of Points

General Scale of Points
Size 15 pts
Conformation (45 total)
Head 15
Body 15
Wings & Tail 10
Feet 5
Color 15
Condition 15
Deportment 10
Scale for Pieds, White-Faced, Rares and Eye-rings
Size 15 pts
Conformation (35 total)
Head 10
Body 10
Wings & Tail 10
Feet 5
Color 25
Condition 15
Deportment 10

Novice Rules & Regulations

  • Novice exhibitors are required to designate their birds by placing the letter “N” on the top right of their show tag, this will help the secretary and stewards with locating the “Best Novice” placement.
  • Novice status will continue for the remainder of the calendar year in which a division placement is achieved.

ALBS Approved Show Cage

  •  Lovebirds are to be exhibited in American Budgerigar Society type show caged.
  • The show cage shall be painted high gloss black on the outside, and the interior shall be a flat white or semi-gloss white.
  • Beginning with the 44th National Cage Bird Show, ALBS has a mandatory policy regarding lovebirds being exhibited in the ALBS Standard Show Cage at national levels (NCBS and GABS).  Local shows are not required to enforce this policy.  However, all ALBS members are encouraged to use approved show cages at all shows whenever possible.

Show Tags

  • Show tags should be placed on the lower left side of the cage front, second bar in, on the lowest section.

Food & Water

  • It is the exhibitor’s discretion as to whether to place a drinker on their show cages during judging.  ALBS prefers that its members supply their birds with water during the judging.  If a drinker is used, it must be the ALBS approved drinker.  Cups, dishes, etc., are not approved drinkers at national level shows and shall not be used.
  • Many clubs have show rules stating that ALL birds MUST have food and water at all times.  When this rule is stated in the catalog, it must be complied with.
  • Drinkers are to be placed between the third and fourth bars from the right, above the crossbars and accessible to the bird while perching.


  • It is at the exhibitor's discretion as to the type of food that will be used in the show cage.  An approximate one- inch layer of parakeet type seed mix on the bottom is customary.  It is recommended that exhibitors NOT use seed mixes with brightly colored or dark oily seeds as these can soil lighter colored feathers.


Multiple entries in one cage

  • The judge is required to disqualify entries with more than one exhibit, the disqualified birds will not be counted towards the total number of birds in a show.


  • It is the responsibility of the owner to present the exhibit in a clean and hygienic manner and the show cage must be in good repair.  Appropriate fresh food must be available at all times.
  • At the judge’s discretion, any exhibit may be disqualified for failing to meet the minimum standards of cleanliness.  The disqualified bird will be promptly removed and will not be counted toward the total number of birds in the show.

Evidence of Ownership

  • Any exhibitor that reveals ownership, verbally or by other innuendos, during judging may have their bird disqualified and removed from further competition and will not be counted towards the total number of birds in the show.
  • Open cage tags are not the fault of the exhibitor.  If a Judge notices an open tag during judging, the judging must be immediately suspended until the tag is closed by the Steward.  If the name of the exhibitor is seen, the Judge should disqualify the entry.